Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

Today I am starting a weekly wedding Wednesday blog post, and I have decided to begin with peacock blue inspired items (since that is the color I will be using in my wedding)!

Wedding planning has been a little bit difficult for me, since I am looking for 100% vegan items, and I want everything to be as eco-friendly as possible. I originally thought I wanted to have a shade of green for my main wedding color, but when I found items in this beautiful peacock blue color, I was easily swayed...

I am pretty sure I will be ordering a pair of these beautiful bridal flats. I absolutely love them!

These are custom made bridal flats by HydraHeart on Etsy, and they are awesome because they are 100% vegan!

I found these super cool invitations. I love how they are simple with just the two peacock feathers on them, and they are oh so pretty!

These are made by pinklilypress on Etsy.

When it comes to cakes, my fiance and I are looking into the possibility of getting a raw cake made from Cafe Gratitude. They can make cakes, cheesecakes, and pies. And, you get to choose whatever combination you want! Plus, they have so many amazing flavors! As you can see, I am quite excited about this... If you have never had cake or dessert from a raw food restaurant, you MUST try it! SO GOOD!

I don't know if I actually want to use a cake topper. But I did find this adorable one that I just have to share with you!

This is a custom made love birds cake topper by CountrySquirrelsRUS on Etsy.

I love the simple and earthy feeling of this layout with the beautiful paper dahlia flowers! It feels natural and is perfect for a more rustic wedding!

Made by OctoberHill on Etsy.

I also love these cool crepe paper rose flowers! They are a great inexpensive way to decorate for your wedding or even an engagement/bridal party.

Made by FabricatedFamily on Etsy.

Lastly, I came across these beautiful wine glasses. They have been hand-painted with boldly colored peacock feathers with a non-toxic glass paint. These are almost too pretty to use!

Made by marywibis on Etsy.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through these selections... I know I sure had fun looking for them!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Front Page!

I am so incredibly excited! My Globe Trekker Silver Compass Lariat Necklace made it onto the FRONT PAGE of Etsy last Friday, August 6. Unfortunately, it was at 3 a.m. California time, so I was not actually able to see it when it was there... but so cool anyways!

And then, to my surprise, my Frothy Cappuccino Vintage Beaded Necklace was featured on the FRONT PAGE of Etsy this morning! Once again, it was super early in the morning (4 a.m. my time) so yet again, I was unable to actually see it there... oh well, i'm still ecstatic!

My new goal... get on the front page at a normal hour of the day when I will be awake and can actually see it! haha...