Thursday, August 25, 2011

Think Green Thursday

Today's theme is Anything "Green".  Here are a few lovelies for you!

1. Eco-friendly matchbook notepads by thepixie
2. Large dog bed - Eco-Friendly - Green Knot Garden by kissmymutt
3. Eco Friendly Floral Strapless Boho Corset Style Lace up Top by BreatheCouture
4. Vegan Bag - Clutch - Eco friendly - Flower Applique - Gray & Yellow by MilkandHoneyHandbags
5. Green Eco-Friendly Recycled Paper Pencils by moxiepear

Enjoy these finds, and stay green!
-Deborah, amaniworks

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

The theme for today's Wedding Wednesday is A Mustard Yellow Wedding.  Here are the lovely finds that would be perfect for an Autumn wedding!

1. Mini Bow Shoe Clips - Mustard Yellow Grosgrain Ribbon by No144
2. Butterscotch Love - Hair Flower bobbies by deLoop
3. Mustard Yellow Glass Necklace by WildWomanJewelry
4. Lace and Linen Dress Mustard Yellow Off Shoulder by MrRaccoonsempire
5. Mustard yellow yarn pom pom place holders by imeondesign
6. Love Banner (Mustard Yellow) by stephlovesben
7. Rhinestone Jewel Earrings in Mustard Yellow by DistinctlyIvy
8. Mustard Yellow Lined with Eggplant Linen Embellished with Pin-tuck Stitching Clutch by jandem