Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mostly Raw and Natural...

Just a quick update here for you all!  Here are some of my finds from the gem faires we've been to lately.  My newest obsession is raw, natural gems.  I love all the unique shapes that the gems come in before they are highly processed.  There is just something so beautiful about these stones while they are in their natural state.  Of course, I still love my multi-faceted gemstones and glass beads as well, and here are a few of my newest finds... Great colors for spring and summer!
tiger's eye and glass beads
raw amethyst, blue lace agate geode, ruby fuschite, raw turquoise, and a beautiful chunk of garnet 

amazing amethyst geode, super cool pieces of meteorite, druzy, apatite, and more druzy
I can not wait to start creating with these beautiful pieces!  So excited!

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